Provide relevant data and analysis to the operations team throughout the supply chain

Responsible for harmonizing and monitoring supply chain operations

Take responsibility for the success or failure of material shipping and delivery schedule

Responsible for troubleshooting any concern related to international freight transportation

Work with existing transportation suppliers on optimal delivery rate and routing

Ensure that internal teams recommend the most advantageous transportation modes, routing, equipment or frequency

Responsible for establishing specific supply chain-based performance measurement systems

Direct and follow-up with incoming materials and outgoing finished products to ensure prompt delivery to customers

Work with and monitor the efforts of partners in the supply chain to ensure smooth operations

Responsible for utilizing logistics IT systems or software to optimize procedures

Responsible for planning and tracking the shipment of final products according to customer requirements

Responsible for the preparation of appropriate and accurate logistics reports for upper management

Monitor deliveries and ensure customer satisfaction

Responsible for maintaining accurate logs of all transportation and goods.

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