Developed Excel VBA application that communicates with DB using ADO Objects and SQL.

Developed macros to verify and compare data.

Developed macros for accounting and financial purpose.

Built macros for updating customer orders in MS Excel Application.

Implemented several built-in excel functions and formulas.

Implemented pivot tables and charts in Excel for summarizing data.

Imported data into excel from flat files.

Developed and maintained Access Application for data retrieval. Previous method was taking Excel workbooks, translating to MS Access database, then exporting to SQL database.

Developed a simple and easy mechanism of database application for users to enter data without having to enter data into numerous delivered screens using Microsoft Excel/Access/VBA.

Define reporting requirements and gather data, using Access and create management reports, also export data from MS access to MS Excel to create Pivot table for management do more analysis.

Created Access database from scratch.

Created physical tables and link tables.

Assist in Migrating prior versions of MS Office applications to 2010

Prepared program-level and user-level documentation.

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